Digital Photography

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1. Digital Photography - Fundamentals (17 March or 10 November 2019)

Have a fantastic digital SLR or a wonderful new mirrorless camera, but not sure how to make the most of it?  Or wanting to develop good digital photographic technique?  This one-day workshop will have you using your camera with confidence:

o   Finding your way through all those menus and dials to set up your camera

o   How to get away from Auto 1: Shooting modes - what do those symbols mean?

o   How to get away from Auto 2:  Controlling exposure - f numbers, shutter speeds, ISO

o   Getting the right things sharp: setting focus and depth of field

o   Light ain't white! Understanding White Balance

o   Introduction to lenses for different subjects

o   Now I get the camera - but how do I take good photos? (Framing, Composition)

o   Time for hands-on practice and help

o   Your photographic questions, issues and challenges.

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2. Digital Photography - Beyond the Basics (24 March or 17 November 2019)

Feel confident with the basics of your camera, but want to take your photography a step further?  Do you want to create beautiful photographs, not just take great snaps? This next level course will ramp up both your camera technique and your photographer's eye:

o   Understanding exposure - using the histogram to nail it

o   Finessing exposure – metering modes, exposure compensation, bracketing

o   Lenses and their effects - the camera doesn't lie, but lenses can!

o   It's all about light! Introduction to flash and lighting alternatives

o   Bringing it all together to create interesting, beautiful photographs...

o   Hands-on practice, then individual review & feedback

o   Keeping your precious images – using and handling image files, storage, archiving & printing

o   Your photographic questions, issues and challenges.

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3. Night Photography (2019 dates yet to be set)

This is an intermediate workshop requiring a sound basic understanding of camera controls
such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance.

Would you like to find out about photographing at night?
Interested in shooting the moon and stars?
How about the Aurora Australis?
Have you ever tried your hand at painting with light?
And don't we all love that magical time around sunrise and sunset,
for gorgeous light and stunning land and seascapes?

This is an usual workshop, which will run over 24 hours (don't worry, that does include time to go and sleep!).

We start in my studio at 1pm, covering all the basics of night shooting - camera settings, gear, shooting on location, planning, etc. After a hearty afternoon tea, at around 4pm we will move out to a nearby location to photograph the sunset and continue shooting into the night, finishing up around 7.30pm. We will work with whatever Mother Nature gives us on the night: it may be the Milky Way, or star trails, or the Aurora if we are a bit lucky. Painting with light is a possibility, too.

The next morning we meet on location before dawn and photograph the early morning, moving into sunrise. Once the light loses its magic, we will head to a local cafe for breakfast.

After breakfast it's back to the studio for sessions on processing your files using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. (All night shots really do require post-processing to bring out their best.) We finish up with a 'show and tell' session, where you share your best finished photos with the rest of the group, and then wind up around 1pm.

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